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ProAir Training Systems

 Advanced Aviation Training for Advanced Aviators

Company History and Methodology

ProAir Enterprises was founded in 1973 as the Corporate Aviation facility of a major (Fortune 1000) manufacturing company. Initially, the company operated several Cessna Twin Engine aircraft (340,402,414) upgrading with time to Cessna 425 and 500 series aircraft.

ProAir was spun off from its parent in 1982 and continues to operate today as an aircraft management and training business specializing in the training of professional and business pilots in high performance single engine, multi-engine and light turbo-prop aircraft.

Early on, it became evident that the high performance training market presented opportunities in several areas. While there is no question that the highly developed simulator operations such as SimCom and SimuFlite as well as Flight Safety, Inc. offer high quality training programs utilizing the latest in simulator technologies, many operators, particularly business operators flying their own aircraft, simply do not have the time and/or the motivation to attend a several days long program at a site far from that of their business. Thus, a market has developed for the on-sight (or nearly so) training seminar programs offered by Pro-Air.

Pro-Air instructors are all highly qualified Airline Transport Pilots with Flight Instructor Certificates rated for Instrument and Multi-Engine training. Some of our instructors have more than 25,000 hours of flight experience with many thousands of hours in high performance multi-engine aircraft. Instructors assigned to a particular client have recent experience in the very same type of aircraft flown by the client. All instructors attend regular recurrent training and are periodically updated on the latest avionics and modifications available.

While each program follows a proven syllabus containing mandatory learning modules, programs are customized as necessary to meet particular client needs and desires as well as to properly train the client in the safe and efficient use of all of the equipment installed in the client’s aircraft.

Wherever applicable, ProAir stresses Crew Resource Management and teaches the proper application or CRM techniques, including the Single Pilot environment.

ProAir Training Programs have been accepted for recurrent training by major insurance underwriters such as Signal Aviation Underwriters, United States Aviation Insurance Group, Aviation Office of America, AVEMCO, and others.